Whether facilitated indoors or out in nature, constellation work is a powerful healing modality. Recent research in epigenetics has shown that the unconscious programming we have inherited dictates as much as 95% of our experience of life. Constellation work, whether facilitated one-on-one or in a group, is a powerful tool for healing and transforming the limitations of these unconscious patterns. Utilizing symbolic objects or people to represent the circumstances for which we seek healing, this work makes conscious the source of the entanglements within ourselves and in our relationships that have been inhibiting the natural flow of love.

As we open to that flow, as we heal and work through the inherited traumas from our lineages, it deepens our trust in ourselves, in each other, and in life itself. It frees us to know and embody our truest, most natural way of being, and to live in loving kindness toward ourselves, each other, everything that has come before us, and all that is. In this way we can truly know and live our interconnectedness, each a vital and important member of the earth community.